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Jessy Rose Traces the Reason For His Heartbeat w/ "You"

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Singer, songwriter Jessy Rose is tracing the reason for his heartbeat right down to a single person on his befittingly named ballad You, making whomever listens convinced of the power of love and the fragility of the act of giving yourself away and being open to someone or something else.

Jessy Rose's magnetizing ballad gorgeously reminds me of an underrated Kid Cudi line: "Handle with care, I'm so fragile and delicate." Rose's unguarded vocals and honest songwriting captures a can't live without love vibe in the best way possible. The soulful runs Jessy takes his voice through during adlibs hits my ears as pure passion, and the harmonizing plainly sounds damn good. Jessy Rose's vocals play a duality of low, considerate tones to loud saveguarding wails in a seamless move of notes. And all set to a secure guitar riff acting as the strength of You's melody, playing towards the loop of the person on Jessy's mind. …

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