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Choo Jackson Is Gonna Get You "Caught Up"

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The rate Choo Jackson puts out music, albums or loose tracks, is in the unparalleled space. The Choo, Where U Goin? artist manages to surround each of his drops with an individualized amount of care and hype. His latest to get this treatment, Caught Up, continues the trend of a one-track mind with minor tweaks.

Caught Up trades Choo's money crown for one made of hearts, despite his best efforts to refuse it. Jackson's saucy cadence coats the bouncy melody he rap/sings with, especially in his gleaming hook. Tack on a rhythm juiced beat that never skimps on quaking bass drops and dreamy chords and you've got a customary Choo banger that hits with personality.

Caught Up sounds like self-pleasure and satisfaction from being lost in your own sauce. And if that is truly the case, who wouldn't mind getting a little caught up?

Listen to Caught Up below.

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