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Play K.eYe.D's Mykonos, Greece Export - "Blue Pack"

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Artist/producer K.eYe.D's placements cannot be classified as few and far between. From Jordan Brand/FootAction Ads to producing for the likes of Nina Rivera, the nefarious one's production is intent on programming you toward new products or perhaps geared at putting an extra boost in your step. But what comes as his Mykonos, Greece export, Blue Pack, better suits his days well-smoked.

Blue Pack is nearly two minutes of the hardest hitting production and flow K.eYe.D can rip at. His chords are on their Theremin, creating an ill-boding drone that begins to feel hallucinogenic the higher or lower the notes go. The sound consists of a cold rush made tougher by K.eYe.D's denting drums centered around his bass and fragmented 808 percussion. I dare you not to bounce to this beat. The task will be profoundly tougher once the flow hits.

K.eYe.D has that 'Yeah/Ayyy' flow, controlling and enthralled by the rhythm of the beat. A cushy caden…

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